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EFG 170 Nori-G

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Verkoopprijs9,99 €

After two years of development, Marukyu is very proud of its new ‘silver fish’ groundbait, Nori-G.
Nori-G has been designed specifically to draw fish in from distance. The fine particle bait is packed full of attractants, yet has minimum food value. The result is a bait that makes the fish look for your free offerings... and specifically... your hookbait!
Depending on how you mix Nori-G, it can be used for feeder, method, cupping or balling. The only limitation is your imagination.

When to use?
Year round. Specially effective in winter.

Where to use?
Natural waters and commercial fisheries

What to use it for?
All silver fish, but especially roach and bream. Can also be
used for carp and F1s when little or no feed value is required.

Nutritional value?
Very low

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