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Dual Hook Length Box

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Verkoopprijs19,99 €

Unique Adjustable Sliding Pins

  • Each pin has a screw thread so it can be adjusted to suit your hook length requirements. These adjustable pins enable you to store hook lengths up to 6 inches in length, making it perfect for pole and method feeder hook lengths.

    Built in Magnetic Hook Tray

  • Directly under the hook length storage tray is a magnetic hook tray designed to keep loose hooks organized and dry. There is also a large area within the tray for storage of items like loop tyers, scissors etc. (Not included).

    Water Resistant

  • The box has a water-resistant seal around it to ensure it keeps water and moisture out of the box, protecting the hooks within it.

    Clear UV Protective Lid

  • The clear lid facilitates identification and choice of the correct hook lengths. The lid is also UV protective, which provides protection of your hook lengths from the sun.

    Printed Measure Sliders

  • Each slider has a measure guide printed on it. This ensures that each hook length can be tied accurately.
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